How to Reach Pre-Covid Lift Strength

Like most individuals who were unable to go to the gym. You may have lost some gains since working out at home isn't nearly the same. If you completely stopped working out as compared to someone who hasn't stopped. You are definitely at a disadvantage. No matter though, once gained can always be regained. 
I recently started going back to the gym as the occasion deemed allowable and safe. I am not as strong or have the endurance I did previously which is where my story comes in to getting those gains back. I started at about 50% decrease in my average at the gym. Mostly for lower body and back. Shoulders and chest were performed with adequate weights at home. 
Your muscles will be no where near ready for the heavy weights, functionality, and versatility at the gym. Most likely you went into a more body weight exercising style with a lot of cardio. So transitioning into resistance training is going to be challenging. 
The breakdown of muscle tissue will be intense and nutrition…

How to get strong and defined abdominal muscles!

You are looking to achieve that six pack dream and have those defined abs. It takes hard work and commitment. No type of exercise or routine should be easy and a walk in the park. I will explain what you need to do to get to the point of defined and a strong core.

Nutrition:  The most avoided topic leading to those great core muscles is nutrition. No one wants to eat boring food that has no taste. Counting calories and seeing how much protein, carbs, and fats is not very fun either. Some may find it interesting but for most they do not. One simple tip and helpful advice that is ignored. Removing processed sugars. "Carbohydrates are bad they say." Well the truth is processed sugars which are carbs are the bad guys. Natural sugars from fruit are also carbs but they are very good for the body and muscles. 
Adequate intake of calories is important in building muscle. Proper intake of protein, fats, and carbohydrates is important for fat loss and the metabolism. First thing to do is…

Get that PROTEIN

Want to know why you aren't building as much muscle or had that increase in bulk? Answer is simply low amounts of protein. Protein is everything for the muscle to repair and become stronger. Now don't go and cut out fats and carbohydrates and take in only proteins. You need a well balanced diet. Besides the activity of your muscles and how they perform. Results and increase in strength, attributes to protein intake. Roughly taking in 1 protein gram per pound is necessary for an active lifestyle.

Ever hear of those individuals who don't want to get fat from taking in to much protein. They are the ones who are inactive and their protein intake is excessive to what the body requires during their active day. If you are seeing muscle breakdown with an active daily lifestyle. Protein intake is essential in building that muscle and seeing the results.

Currently with strenuous activity, I am trying to have an intake of 150 grams of protein a day. This is a lot of protein and I str…

Barbell Chest Press Vs. Dumbbell Chest Press

Chest press is one of the great multi-joint exercises. Both barbell and dumbbell are beneficial in there own ways. What is safer and better for the body? The dumbbell chest press is safer and in my opinion better for your muscles and shoulder joints. 
The barbell chest press is a push exercise where the barbell starts at the chest and is then pushed away from the body. The pectoralis musculature with involvement from the arms, shoulders, and back work to perform this movement. 
The chest press with a dumbbell is similar in nature but with the weights being "free" this allows for greater control in stability. Activating more muscles for stability and decreasing stress on the shoulders as you can create slight changes in pronation and supination of the wrists. 
There is research suggesting that degradation of the distal end of the clavicle occurs form excess amounts of barbell chest press with a close grip. This can be due to a multitude of reasons. Possibly from lack of wrist…

Coronavirus is a Big Deal.

The coronavirus or Covid-19 is a big deal and it is a global pandemic. Though recently the media has been choking up as much as they can and is starting to desensitize viewers. The other issue can be that it doesn't affect you personally which can change your perspective. Yes there are multiple strains with some not as fatal but that doesn't mean this should be taken lightly.

Take the necessary precautions to stopping the spread of this virus. Washing hands, sanitizing properly, taking showers, covering mouth when coughing and sneezing, and being respectful of ones distance to others. Remember if you can not feeling well, do not travel and go anywhere. Staying home is the safest measure you can take. The virus doesn't choose its host or how damaging it can be to age groups. Everyone can be infected and have harmful issues down the road.

The virus is not about you and you are not the only person on this earth. This is to remind us on how to be unselfish and improve our hygi…

What Does the Mercury Retrograde Do?

Recently I have taken an absence in most of my hobbies and activities besides work and exercising. This is due to the occurring Mercury Retrograde which is set to end on March 8th. I am not one to believe too much into astrological philosophies but I had an incident occur.

Last retrograde was in October to November which was not a fun time. Had to move apartments during that time. New apartment had a bug issue because apparently signing a contract during the retrograde is a mistake. To cut the story short we moved out of that apartment after the retrograde and the new apartment has been doing well so far.

I'm not entirely sure about the retrograde or if that was bad timing but since then I have been keeping an eye on the time frames of the other retrogrades. Lying low and reflecting on the past is what you are suppose to do. The "retrograde" is meant to move backwards. Most things will have negative affects if looking at the future. I have been self reflecting and lookin…

Why I dislike the Keto Diet.

The Keto diet exploded onto the scene with popularity in the past few years. It is the next big diet plan to help with weight loss by cutting out carbohydrates. This energy source is needed for the body to function properly.

Carbohydrates consist of simple and complex versions. Each has its own significance in what it can do for the body. This happens either by giving the body energy, rebuilding muscle, or helping with the function of organs. Your body needs these in order to properly function, if these are taken away then your body will require other methods for energy. Depending on the calorie intake, muscle may be used for energy. Sugars, proteins, and water are used for muscle growth and re-building. Such sugars include many types of fruits, and proteins include red meats, chicken, fish, and plant based proteins. Starving your muscles  of these nutrients means muscle loss which leads to weight-loss. No carbohydrates for energy means fat is main energy source and that leads to fat …